Massive Fire Occurs on an Attraction at Europa-Park – Germany’s Largest Theme Park

An enormous fire occurred at Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park on May 26th, 2018.

Flames and thick smoke rises into the air at the Europa theme park. People could see clouds of dense smoke miles away from the park, which caused panic among many visitors and guests visiting the park.

According to, witnesses said the flames from the fire reached nearly 50 feet tall. Some rides were also reported on fire.

Smoke and flames rise above the park grounds.
The large fire flames spread across the park, causing panic among many park guests.

Currently, it is unknown how the fire started and the fire is spreading across the park. Emergency response services are working to control the fire, however, it has not been controlled and is still yet to know.

The fire started is speculated to have started at The Pirates of Bavaria attraction. The Scandinavian section of the park was evacuated immediately.

Currently, no one has been injured. When Coaster to Coaster contacted Europa Park, they said, “As reported by many media sources, there has been a fire at Europa-Park today. Emergency response services are working hard to contain the situation and keep everyone safe. No one has been injured and we are grateful for all the help we have for the situation. More information will be released at a further time.”


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