Intimidator 305 May Be Quietly Rethemed at Kings Dominion

If you were unaware, Intimidator 305 is an Intamin Giga coaster, and as the name suggests, it is 305-feet tall. It is themed to the NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

According to park visitors, the car for the NASCAR driver has been removed. This suggests the ride may have theming completely removed.

An aerial view of the Intimidator 305 roller coaster at Kings Island! Photo by TripSavvy

Around 3 years ago, Kings Dominion put an extensive sale on all merchandise in the Intimidator 305 gift shop.

People speculated, including me, that the ride would be re-themed due to the license for theming to end.

Maybe Kings Dominion is fixing up the car or doing something to it, however, this makes people believe that the ride will be re-themed.

What an odd time to do it, however. The park just opened for the season at the end of March and they should have done it earlier before the season started.

Park employees of the ride suggest that the ride will be re-themed soon.

We will have to wait and see what happens and I will post an update if more information becomes available.


2 thoughts on “Intimidator 305 May Be Quietly Rethemed at Kings Dominion

  1. I was at Kings Dominion on May 4th and the car was there at that time. I’d like to see the ride called I-305 if it is renamed / themed. I know a lot of people call it I-305 anyways. I thought it was the best ride in the park.

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    1. Good to know. People I have talked to who visited recently said that it was missing. I agree with your name change idea. I myself call it I-305 so I think if they do retheme it they should at least keep the name.


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