CoasterMania! at Cedar Point 2018 Trip Report/Event Review

I visited Cedar Point for a full day on Friday, June 1st for CoasterMania! I got up early and left home by 5:20 a.m. to get to the park at 6:30 a.m. for check-in!

Since it was so early in the morning, it takes around 20 minutes less to get to the park!

I got my lanyard, t-shirt, pin, meal ticket, and cruise ticket and was ready to go for the day!

I rode Steel Vengeance first and then Maverick two times! What a great way to start off your morning with amazing rides in FrontierTown!

Then, I rode the Gemini and then Magnum XL-200 two times! I was able to stay in the same seat for Magnum, which was good since this was my first ride on it for the season!

After, I rode Top Thrill Dragster and got back on again, but right before the launch (on the train I was on) it closed for mechanical difficulties and the train was rolled back to the station. What fun. I never ended up riding the ride again, but at least I rode it once.

I headed to lunch and I really enjoyed the selections! Hot dogs, salad, chicken nuggets, potatoes, mac-and-cheese Coca-Cola soft drinks, Lays chips, and cookies! I really enjoyed the lunch! I thought that there were great selections and the food was better than those of it at Coasterstock at Kings Island!

After lunch I did something for the first time! I went on the beach and recorded a video for my YouTube channel about Cedar Point (not part of the vlog)!

Then I won a stuffed animal hamster! I was very excited because it was the first prize I won at a Cedar Fair park!

I rode the Blue Streak, Valravn, GateKeeper, and WindSeeker before the Q&A session! I had to get out of line for the WindSeeker (2nd time) so I didn’t miss the Q&A session!

I really liked the session but it was just okay. We weren’t given any hints and I liked the improvements that were given to the park by guests who asked questions!

I went to the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery and had Kraft Mac and Cheese and a side salad with ranch! I normally don’t have Mac and Cheese and I liked it but it wasn’t heated at all – it was freezing cold.

I rode the Valravn and there was a small delay because someone puked but the wait was still only 15 minutes with the delay! I then rode the Millennium Force!

Finally to end off the night, I rode Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force 3 times, GateKeeper, and Valravn! What an amazing ERT session!

The event this year was fantastic and way better than last year! I loved the ERT lineup, the food, and especially the cruise! I highly recommend this event!

Final Score: 9/10


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