Sights of Coasterstock 2018 at Kings Island! – Day 1


While visiting Kings Island in May 2018 for the Coasterstock event, I took photos sharing my experience and some things in the park! This article shows photos from Day 1 of the event! Enjoy!

The Kings Island sign decorated with landscaping with the Royal Fountains and International Street in the background!

Banshee’s sign with the ride ascending the lift hill!

Banshee ascending the lift hill!

The Mystic Timbers sign!

The ride theming around Mystic Timbers!

The Miami River Lumber Co. truck!

Zephyr, a swing ride located near the X-Base area of the park!

The Bat sign with the Blackout haunted maze used during Haunt in the background!

The Bat ascending its lift hill!

The sign that you go under when entering the X-Base area of the park where Flight of Fear and Firehawk are located!


Various photos of the Racer from the behind-the-scenes tour!

Rivertown Lumber with the peak of the Eiffel Tower showing behind!



Photos of Diomandback at different points where you are about to experience airtime on the ride!




The castle you enter for the Boo Blasters on Boo Hill indoor attraction where you shoot targets to try to shoot ghosts!

These photos are from Friday, May 18th and I am aware this is very late. Currently, I am catching up on Coasterstock content and the Day 2 article will be coming out very soon! Sorry for the delay in this article.



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