Sights of Coasterstock 2018 at Kings Island! – Day 2

While at Kings Island for Coasterstock 2018, I took photos showing more sights that could be seen on Day 2 of the event! Enjoy and sorry this is late. I am all caught up on posts now!


Things you could see inside the Flight of Fear building where the ride structure is located!

Some track of Flight of Fear!’

The old shoulder harness restraints for Flight of Fear all wrapped up.

The old flight of Fear test seats collecting dust in the building.


Lots of random things stored in the Flight of Fear building!

A rare view of the Adventure Express (you can hardly see it in the non-restricted areas of the park) from the outside of the Flight of Fear after the behind-the-scenes tour!

The Eiffel Tower standing at 315-feet compared to the 1,063 feet of the real Eiffel Tower in Paris! It’s still a 1/3 replica of the real one and you can see the entire park up there!

DSCN5727DSCN5730Kings Island’s landscaping is very impressive! Beautiful flowers line the park midways!

The Royal Fountains stretch across International Street when you enter the park and ends near the Eiffel Tower! What a nice thing to see when you arrive in the park!


Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, a fun log flume water ride that I highly recommend you try! You don’t get that wet at all!


Planet Snoopy awaits little kids to have a fun day at Kings Island! After all, it was voted the Best Kids Area by Golden Ticket Awards for 17 years in a row! That’s impressive and hard to beat!

Be sure to have some Beast Canyon Cold Drinks before riding the Beast, of course!

Diomandback dropping towards the ground!


Photos from the Beast tour behind-the-scenes!





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