Cedar Point’s Opening Day/Steel Vengeance’s Incident Situation – My Thoughts

Steel Vengeance had a minor incident where two trains collided on Opening Day in May. I published a news article sharing all of the information on what happened, including what I saw (as I was an eye-witness).

Since Steel Vengeance has been operating with Fast Lane Plus and two trains since last Friday (Fast Lane Plus on Saturday), I will be sharing my thoughts on the situation. The reason I waited this long was that of the other articles I published and I wanted to see if the modifications were complete.

First off, I would like to mention that I will be describing my experience in a YouTube video that will be coming out on my channel soon. In this article (to differentiate it from my YouTube channel but be able to inform both platforms of my experience), I will be describing My Thoughts on how the situation was handled.

The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. which you may think is the middle of the day so a lot of people have already ridden it, but the wait was 5 1/2 hours long. And of course, I got bad luck and was only 20 minutes away from riding. (Lots of people couldn’t ride, though.)

I wasn’t very impressed with how Cedar Point handled the entire situation. When I heard what happened, I thought that it was RIDICOLOUS. On the first day being opened (to the public) for this to happen and for a sensor allowing a train to go near another one is not okay.

The modification to the ride was the train is no longer allowed to go that close to the station until the ride is dispatched to the lift hill. No one knows when the third train will be added.

How the ride would work in a logical sense is while one train is in the station, the 2nd train is on the lift hill, and the third train is near the break run. That would allow all trains to not be near each other as it would take half the ride cycle to dispatch the train in the station.

That’s just my logical way of piecing it together. What really annoyed me is how they hardly said anything about what was happening to the ride. They said “modifications” were being made to the ride and it would be removed from Fast Lane Plus. In the park on Friday, June 1st the Fast Lane Plus was $128. Are you kidding me? $128 dollars and Steel Vengeance isn’t included.

And as for the people in line, people were given a voucher to use. But of course, not valid for Steel Vengeance. Then the park says to the media it was a light bump. Sorry but face the facts, this is a dent in your publicity status for 2018. People will re-think riding it (especially the GP who are coming for 1 day in the season). The part that really annoyed me was how people who were on the train said that it was painful and caused whiplash. That is a “light bump”. I don’t think so. Cedar Point needed to not cover it up about what happened because that made it worse.

On Twitter, many people commented on it and shared their thoughts telling why they disagree with how they handled the situation. They did get park goodies to make up for it, but lying to the press, is SO UNPROFESSIONAL. For Cedar Point’s level and status, that is UNACCEPTABLE.

On top of that, half of the rides were down and at 11 a.m., Valravn and GateKeeper still had test dummies on it. Half the food and drink stands were closed and for the ones open, 1 worker. Yes, I do understand how Opening Day works. I have been to the park for 6 years straight on Opening Day, and it has never been this bad. Cedar Point was totally unprepared for opening, even more, unusual than the normal opening day.

I am certainly glad that the ride now has 2 trains (all except Digger) and the ride was added back to Fast Lane Plus. Also, the operations and Food & Beverage have improved. Even though this may not be the most relevant anymore, I still wanted to share my personal thoughts on it and gratify the park for making a significant improvement during my last visit!

The Steel Vengeance review will be coming soon! The reason it isn’t here yet is that I was unable to visit the park until CoasterMania! for the first time, I rode Steel Vengeance so I wanted to ride it again to collect more thoughts on the ride.

Stay tuned for lots of content coming soon as I am catching up from May!


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