My Thoughts on the May 2018 Power Outage at Cedar Point

Cedar Point suffered a power outage in May 2018 due to a person hitting a utility pole that affected a portion of the park and caused rides to be closed. I will be sharing my thoughts on the incident.

First off, I would like to mention that it was an inconvenience for the park to experience, especially on Memorial Day where military personnel could get discounted admission.

It was also very unfortunate that there was a large crowd at the park and they had to refund everyone with another ticket to visit the park.

Cedar Point definitely lost profit that day due to the person who hit the utility pole. From videos shown, the person was not paying attention and was driving very irresponsibly. The poll is 3 feet away from the road on the causeway that connects the main Sandusky landmass (Ohio) to the Cedar Point island (formerly until the causeway was built.)

Videos were posted on social media and as I reviewed some of them, it is clear the person driving was not paying attention as I believe this has not happened before on the causeway. For this person to just not drive responsibly to the park as they were probably disappointed that this happened as well. It caused an inconvenience to the park.

Those are just my thoughts and opinions on what happened from multiple sources.

Make sure in a few days you check out my YouTube channel as I will explain more about what happened in the video.

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the May 2018 Power Outage at Cedar Point

  1. Too many people drive distracted these days. They don’t care, until something gets smashed, and then usually just say that it was a accident. Car wrecks from cell phone distraction is a epidemic here in Georgia.

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  2. I agree with your comments. The person was not driving responsibly! It was crowded
    on Memorial Day and Cedar Point lost lots of profit when half the park had no power.

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