Kalahari Sandusky Waterpark June 2018 Review

Today I will be giving my full review of Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky, Ohio from my visit in June 2018! Keep in mind since Kalahari claims to be the best waterpark, like many expectation claims, rise the expectations which therefore will lead to a harsh review.

I will be reviewing it with two different sections. One section will review the general overall indoor waterpark with 10 categories and personal thoughts and another section for the outdoor waterpark.

Indoor Waterpark

Water Rides: 19/20

The selection of water rides inside was pretty solid in my opinion and there was a good variety of attractions. A few more attractions for children would be beneficial and a raft slide for one person. Some of the water slides were not amazing.

Kid Attractions: 9/10

I thought that the waterpark had enough attractions for kids. Their were lots of attractions that little kids could enjoy at the waterpark. However, for the best waterpark claim they need to step up their game.

Attractions for Adults: 10/10

The attractions for adults are perfectly supplementary to expectations. Adults can always do the water attractions as well as their is a hot tub that connects indoor and outdoor and a pool bar. There is plenty for them to do and no excuse to say their is nothing to do.

Other Attractions: 9/10

The waterpark has some other attractions like laser tag, a game room, an animal park, and virtual reality. For a waterpark generally for this it was okay but keep in mind that some people like to do more so I think that they could a few more attractions for people not into the waterpark.

Employees: 8/10

The employees at Kalahari Sandusky are not amazing in my opinion compared to other places I have experienced. They just did their job to get paid and wanted to make sure they didn’t get in trouble. They also lacked giving instructions to guests who are unsure what to do. They also waste time during operation and hold up the line which is very unprofessional.

Operations: 8/10

The operations at this park are stable enough to make lines not super long, however they could do a better job. For some of the attractions the operation system was pretty bad. Some attractions the raft that you sit in had a slow motor so it took 1 minute to bring the raft up the chain lift (different kind then normal) and it made operations slow. Lifeguards would talk to each other and hold up the line.

Atmosphere/Navigation: 7/10 – 4/5, 3/5

The atmosphere of the waterpark is well done for Kalahari! The walls are painted as if you are on an island and the building support beams are painted and the entire place is decorated to look like paradise! It could look a little nicer in my opinion.

The navigation is horrible for the indoor waterpark. The slide entrances are not clearly marked and it is hard to find the slide and then have to walk around just to get to the entrance. Clear navigation needs to be present, especially for the amount of attractions the park has.

Food: 7/10

The food is okay in my opinion. Their definitely needs to be more locations for food at the park. The locations need to stay open too as one location that has most of the food closed at 2:00 p.m. That is not the time you should be closing during a normal operating day. The selection was limited to basic things like chicken tenders, hot dogs, etc. The selection was disappointing.

Shops: 8/10

The shops are okay, they have basic things you need for the waterpark, but not much else. They could have more souvenirs and things if people desired them.

Indoor Waterpark Total Score: 85/100 – B – Good

The park definitely needs to improve on a lot of things as the only thing that is solid is the Water Rides.

Outdoor Waterpark

Water Rides: 21/30

There needs to be more water rides outside. There is enough land to add a few more attractions. Even though their was just an expansion, the best waterpark should have more.

Other Attractions: 10/10

The only other attractions are a zipline, a pool, and the hot tub that connects inside. The expectations shouldn’t be high for this category because water attractions is what this place is all about.

Employees: 20/20

I find the employees to be better outside, as they were pretty quick at getting operations moving and they were friendly.

Operations: 19/20

The operations outdoors were really good and the systems used to lift the rafts is efficient as well. Not much improvement is needed.

Navigation: 20/20

Navigation is good for the outdoor waterpark as there are signs to navigate the different attractions as well as it being easy to find the slide complexes.

Outdoor Waterpark Total Score: 90/100 – A – Great

Total Kalahari Waterpark Score: 175/200 = 88/100 – B – Well Done

Kalahari Waterpark did a pretty good job and they need improvement the most with food, indoor operations, and outdoor operations. Overall it is a good waterpark and you will have a nice time!


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