My Thoughts on Vekoma Coasters

Today I will be sharing my personal thoughts on Vekoma coasters and why I only ride most of them for the credits.

First, lets start off talking about Vekoma Boomerang coasters. If you are unaware of these, these are not out-and-back coasters and go backwards out of the station up a inclined lift and are held there. Then the train is released, goes through the station and then goes through a cobra roll and an inversion and then is inclined forward and then you go through it again, but the opposite way.

The portion of the ride where you go forward is enjoyable and I have no problem with it, but once you get to the backwards part I do not enjoy it. The restraints are uncomfortable and the experience going backwards with the position you’re in is not pleasant. I only ride these for the credits and the only one I enjoy a little bit is Invertigo at Kings Island.

They aren’t horrible rides but they’re definitely on the worst coaster types list.

Vekoma SLCs are even worse, which stands for Suspended Looping Coasters. The restraints are not uncomfortable but you get so much headbanging and the ride is very, very bad. One notable one that I can’t stand is Thunderhawk at Michigan’s Adventure. I only ride these, like all Vekoma rides for the credit.

Now we will talk about Vekoma Flying coasters, which aren’t terrible. I really enjoy Firehawk at Kings Island, while I hate some of the other ones. The restraints aren’t very comfortable and the ride just overall isn’t amazing. I would say it’s one of the better rides, though.

So in conclusion, Vekoma is a very bad manufacturing company and the only type of coaster I kind of enjoy is the Suspended Family coaster model. They are my least favorite manufacturing company and I only ride their coasters for the credit.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Vekoma Coasters

  1. The old style Vekoma coasters are among my least favorite as well. The old Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia was a very rough and painful ride. It has improved since the track was hand smoothed, new trains, and new restraints (it’s now called Blue Hawk) but it is still a Vekoma. I think the new Vekoma shows a lot of promise though.

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