Riding Corkscrew for the First Time in 3 Years – My Thoughts

I finally got to ride the Corkscrew at Cedar Point after not riding it in 3 years.

I was pleasantly surprised that I rated the ride a D, which when I rode it in July 2015, I rated it an F.

Since I knew techniques to help with headbanging, it made the ride more enjoyable.

I was very happy that I at least kind of enjoyed the ride.

Still my least favorite coaster in the park which some people say the kiddie coasters are, but they aren’t rough so they are placed higher.

A full list ranking all of the coasters at Cedar Point will be coming out soon as well as a Trip Report from my visit!

I will also be updating my Corkscrew Review to describe more about my experience but I just wanted to let you know how it went, as I haven’t fully decided what score for each category Corkscrew gets.


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