Corkscrew at Cedar Point June 2018 Review

After riding Corkscrew for the first time in 3 years around a week ago, my opinions and rating of this ride has changed. It is still a horrible coaster but it isn’t as bad as when I rode it in 2015 versus my ride this year.

Height: 8/10

For the time this coaster was made the height is okay.

Drop: 7/10

The drop of this coaster isn’t too bad, however, you get an uncomfortable feeling during this part of the ride!

Speed: 7/10

The speed of this ride is pretty good. If it was a little slower, some elements of the ride would be smoother.

Inversions: 4/10

Still a low rating but the inversions will and have always been rough and not fun.

Length: 5/10

The coaster is very short and it makes it worse that the elements aren’t even good on the ride.

Duration: 7/10

The duration is very short for this ride, it could be a little longer.

Capacity: 6/10

The capacity is the same but when I rode the Corkscrew it had a wait and it sometimes can get close to an hour so it could be improved.

Operations: 6/10

Operations are one of the slowest in the park. It takes forever for everyone to be prepared to dispatch the ride.

Trains: 6/10

The train design isn’t horrible but the restraints are pretty bad and cause way too much headbanging.

Smoothness: 4/10

This ride is barely smooth and is very rough, painful, and uncomfortable.

Final Score: 60/100 = D = Bad


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