Coaster to Coaster 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Announcement!

Coaster to Coaster’s 1 Year Anniversary is on July 29th! In celebration of this milestone, next week I will be going on a celebration trip!

I will not be announcing where I am going and you will have to wait until the first Trip Report comes out! I will be posting reports during the trip so make sure to stay tuned for that – you won’t be left hanging wondering where I went or be left without content!

In addition to that, I’m planning on livestreaming sometime or multiple times during the trip, but we’ll see how that works out.

On July 29th, a special edition blog post will be coming out as well as I will be livestreaming that day!

More information about the 1 Year Annniversary Day Celebration will be coming soon in a few weeks when it’s closer and everything has been planned!

Thank you for checking out my blog and reading my posts even though it’s just for personal enjoyment to share my experiences as a coaster enthusiast!


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