Top 5 Roller Coasters at Cedar Point – July 2018

Today I’ll be counting down My Top 5 Roller Coasters at Cedar Point! Remember a few posts back when I said that I’ll be counting down every coaster at the park.

Well, that won’t be happening yet. I have my Top 5 down currently but especially from 6-17 (all of the rest), I am having trouble deciding. I think that I will wait for awhile to do this list, probably it will come out during the HalloWeekends season or around there!

Please note that I will most likely have to do this again sometime in the future as my list changes often. Many different factors can cause a coaster to move in ranking, such as getting a bad or good ride on it.

Also note that as I mentioned a while back in August 2017, Pipe Scream is not a roller coaster, therefore, will not be included in this list.

Also since most people would like to actually see the ride experience, instead of including photos I included the official POVs for the rides!

Number 5

Magnum XL-200

Even though this ride may be rough, I absolutely love this coaster! It’s a classic and I can’t get enough of it!

Number 4

Top Thrill Dragster

This ride is awesome! You get an amazing adrenaline rush before the launch and I love this coaster!

Number 3

Millennium Force

I love this ride, but like most people last year I have moved this coaster behind Maverick. I find it a bit overrated and it did begin an era but it is rattly and it’s not my favorite in the park. The views of the lake are absolutely stunning, though!

Number 2


I love this coaster! It is so intense and I really like how this ride always keeps going. I would have loved to ride it with the heartline roll as most people would have, however it was removed because it was putting too much stress on the trains (very low to the ground and intense) and it pulled lots of Gs too. But it is amazing and I love the launch tunnel! The special effects are cool this year too, but I can’t wait to see them done next year!

Number 1

Steel Vengeance

I love Steel Vengeance! It is an amazing coaster! Coming from Mean Streak it absolutely exceeded my expectations and if you think it’s overrated, it’s not. It’s an awesome ride and I absolutely love how it keeps going and keeps a great pace throughout the entire ride while bringing unique and exciting elements!


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