Issues that Walt Disney World Has that No One Talks About

Walt Disney World overall is amazing. However, the resort continues to have issues in a few main areas. It could use some improvement.


Navigation at Walt Disney World is mediocre. Signs are not present in many areas to properly direct you to where you are going. Signs are very inexpensive for the park and they need to include signs in Epcot to get to the different regions, and a few other areas in the other parks.

MyDisney Experience App

The MyDisney Experience app has major flaws. The app does not load reservation changes automatically and it takes awhile (even when you swipe up and it re-loads). The app also does not display directions always which for guests who don’t know their way around the park, it is a huge problem. Making the experience easier is the goal, not making it harder for guests to access. A software update needs to be made to this app.


Something that Walt Disney World is horrible at is providing information for first-time guests. People don’t have months and hours of time to browse attractions and know their way around inside-and-out. I feel that the park should send a DVD-video and include information on how to actually plan your trip including hotel, rides, and everything to do.


Disney World’s Transportation system has a lot of problems. Space is not a problem but frequency and time is a MAJOR problem. They do have cameras and everything but whoever is head to tell where all of the buses are going is not making strategic and efficient decisions. One bus went to a location with a few people and then 5 minutes later another came, while the area next to it waited 40 minutes for a bus.

MagicBand Quality

Walt Disney World actually declined in the quality of MagicBands since 2015. The MagicBands then were easy to tighten, loosen, and stayed on your wrist easily. The new MagicBands given out in 2018 (which have a different tightening design) are absolutely horrible. They are hard to tighten and loosen and they come off your wrist like 100 times a day.


First off, the parks security is a mess, just to mention the fact. When going to most parks, the security officers do not require children to go through the metal detectors. This poses a risk and hazard to the park. Most other parks will make everyone go through. This should be the same to follow new compliance rules. Also the process is not good. Security officers sometimes don’t pay attention and some people skip the metal detectors. The detectors are not right in-front of the bag check. There are two and space between them.


FastPass+ has a few things that the system could do to make it more smooth. First off, the system needs to have a time interval built into it. Walt Disney World should include a “grace period” for being late to experiences. Especially since it does not at all affect the line, it could easily be implemented.

Also, the FastPass+ attendants need to be watching. Sometimes they are not paying attention and people will gain access to the line without them knowing. This will cause them to hold up the line without having the privileges to access that section of the line.


The Wi-Fi which Walt Disney World considers to be high-quality and reliable is absolutely horrible. The speeds are ridiculous for having full connection and the connection is spotty. This was super annoying for me as I had to use it to upload YouTube videos.


2 thoughts on “Issues that Walt Disney World Has that No One Talks About

    1. Yeah it’s fun and I really like it but those are some main areas they really need to improve on to make the guest experience better, especially for first-time visitors. I really am looking forward to going to Busch Gardens Tampa in the near future!


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