Walt Disney World Vacation Day 3 Trip Report! – July 12th, 2018

Day 3 of my Walt Disney World Vacation was more of a “relaxed” day.

I went to Epcot in the morning, went back to the hotel in the afternoon, and went to Animal Kingdom at night!

I started off with the Garden Grill in The LAND building! It’s a moving restaurant (it moves slowly) and it is a character breakfast. Mickey, Chip, Dale, and Pluto were all there. Dale was pretty hilarious and was doing jokes while walking around the circle restaurant.

After that, I walked around to do some sight-seeing, especially in Mexico! I absolutely love the building where the Gran Fiesta Tour is located!

I went back to the hotel and went to the pool for around an hour. Then I had a Mickey ice cream sandwich which of course I can’t come to the resort without having one. I also had a chicken wrap (a more basic one that I had on the first day).

I worked on my Day 1 Vlog and realized the Wi-Fi to upload is HORRIBLE. It is like 0.3 Mbps. I can’t do anything with that kind of upload speed.

Then I went back to the park, but Animal Kingdom so I could see the night show which I had a FastPass+ for. Also, I already did basically everything in Epcot so there was no point in staying.

I rode Expedition Everest in the front row and I only waited around 30 minutes which the wait time said 1 hour. That’s 50% off, Disney!

I rode the Avatar Flight of Passage ride which I loved so much! I didn’t get to ride it in 2017 because of the long line and I wasn’t able to get a FastPass+ for it. But I had a FastPass+ for it and it was only a 5-minute wait!

I saw the Rivers of Light show which I absolutely loved! It was one of the best night shows I have seen at the resort!

I rode the Expedition Everest at night and I really enjoyed riding it at night as it was fun and the lights on the mountain were pretty!

I rode the Na’vi River Journey which said a 30-minute wait but was only 5! I ended off my night with a ride on it!

Overall even though the day wasn’t too eventful I had an amazing time! Next up is Hollywood Studios!


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