Walt Disney World Vacation Day 5 Trip Report! – July 14th, 2018

Day 5 was very eventful and included visiting Animal Kingdom in the early mornings, Magic Kingdom in the afternoon, and unplanned Epcot at night!

I started off with breakfast and had a donut and 3 Mickey Waffles, 2 sausages, and 3 pieces of bacon (all a meal combo except the donut). It was delicious!

After I went to the Animal Kingdom and used 3 FastPass+ for the Na’vi River Journey, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Primeval Whirl!

I went here again because I wasn’t expecting to ride Na’vi River Journey on the night I did and Kilimanjaro Safaris isn’t as fun as you can’t see the animals well at night. Primeval Whirl, a ride that I never rode so I was excited to get the credit!

I took the bus to go to Magic Kingdom and had to run to make it because the bus was already there waiting for guests.

At Magic Kingdom I rode the Walt Disney World Railroad the full length and then stopped at the Main Entrance to go to the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace is a good place to eat but I still was not impressed with the selection. Especially since it is the highest cost for buffet/character meals. The selection could be more fancy and improved in my opinion. It needs to meet the price you pay for your meal (which is not worth it for the food you get).

I rode Dumbo the Flying Elephant and then decided to head to Epcot for the night!

Test Track was a 55 minute wait originally and it went down to 35 minutes. It closed and was in 101 state which means that it cannot operate safely with no risk to guests. It took cast members around an hour to fix the problem.

I rode Spaceship Earth which I always enjoy and then checked out some of the games in that building!

Test Track opened back up and immediately, the wait doubled. It was 60 minutes but since the ride was closed someone cancelled their FastPass+ and I managed to get it. Test Track is the hardest attraction to get a FastPass+ for unless you book it a few weeks in advance.

My car design for Test Track got 1st place overall with a score in the 90th percentile compared to the highest score possible (232). My car got a 209 which is very good. There are 4 categories tested for your car design. I also added how my car performed in each category.

Power: 1st Place

Capability: 1st Place

Responsiveness: 3rd Place

Efficiency: 2nd Place

I checked out the cars in the building sponsored by Chevrolet!

I caught a good viewing area for the end of the fireworks show and watched for a few minutes as I was exiting the park!

When I got back to the hotel, I had more than a snack amount of food since I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I had grapes, apple juice, yogurt parfait, a sugar cookie with M&Ms on top, and BBQ chips!

I had an amazing day and next up is Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios!


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