Walt Disney World Vacation Day 7 Trip Report! – July 16th, 2018

My final day at Walt Disney World consisted of being at Magic Kingdom in the morning and evening, as well as the hotel in the afternoon as it poured and thundered.

I started off with breakfast at the food court! I had a donut, apple juice, cinnamon roll, and grapes!

Once we got to the park I headed straight to Starbucks and I was excited when I got my Vanilla Bean Frappuccino that my membership had renewed for 2019. Basically, if you earn 300 stars per year ($1 equals 2 stars). I normally earn my stars through different promotions like Bonus Stars and Double Star Day. To get to the Gold status it does take around a year but then it is easy to maintain it.

I rode a few rides at the park. I headed to Splash Mountain and really enjoyed it!

It started to pour and thunder as I went to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. I enjoyed the ride, though!

The Tomorrowland PeopleMover’s escalator belt was not operating so that was annoying. You could have just walked up there but they wouldn’t let anyone. We got on it and surprisingly Space Mountain was 101. What a surprise! The PeopleMover stopped so that wasn’t fun but then operation continued.

I went back to the hotel and had 2 sandwiches and BBQ chips for my meal!

Once the rain stopped I went back to the park to ride Space Mountain!

After I rode the Pirates of the Caribbean! I then headed to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! I rode Peter Pan’s Flight and to end off the night and trip, I rode Space Mountain!

The trip to Walt Disney World was amazing and I’m sad to have to leave but the memories will always live on!


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