Explaining Cedar Fair’s New Phone Policy

After an incident on the Twisted Timbers roller coaster in Doswell, Virginia, Cedar Fair enforced a new policy.

The policy is in regards to their two RMC roller coasters, both which opened earlier this year. Twisted Timbers in March and Steel Vengeance in April (exclusive events) and May (general public)!

Two incidents happened, one on each roller coaster.

The first incident occured on Twisted Timbers where a man forgot to zip his cargo pocket; where his phone was inside. The person that got hit in the face had injuries and consequently, the policy was enforced.

Subsequently, the policy was that no phones may be brought in line. The company could have figured out another solution, but they will not because it is a way to make more revenue.

The policy could change after another incident, but on Steel Vengeance occurred.

Someone threw pockets of hot sauce and welted the train and got in some riders eyes. The person was charged with disorderly conduct. Even though the person claims to have contemplated the action, the occurrence was still present.

Cedar Point says, “The new policy is that all cell phones must be left with a non-rider or in a locker that riders must pay for. If a rider is caught with a phone in line, they will be charged with a misdemeanor and be kicked out of the park, and are also subject to having their season pass revoked (if it applies).”

The policy doesn’t position well with every factor that was required to be included in the decision.

Many factors must be considered for the policy including guest satisfaction, cost, safety, and much more.

I don’t think the policy will change which is unfortunate for the ones that think it is the worst thing ever. Is it really: No. But Cedar Fair could have dealt with it in a better way.


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