Sights of Cedar Point! – July 2018 – Part 2

I took a ton of photos when I went to Cedar Point at the end of July, so here is Part 2 of all the photos!

Take a ride on the classic Cadillac Motor Cars!

Got some pretty cool shots of the Corkscrew just before dusk!

The beautiful flowers by the Corkscrew!

Valravn, Cedar Point’s dive coaster! Drop 214 feet at a 90 degree angle and be held at the top for 3 seconds! Do you dare to dive?

Cedar Point’s water tower with the Corkscrew creeping into the background!

Power Tower, Cedar Point’s drop tower! Go to the top and plummet down on the green side, or shoot up to the top on the red side!

Thanks for viewing this article! I hope you enjoyed it!


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