Witches’ Wheel at Cedar Point is Closing in September

The Witches’ Wheel at Cedar Point, an Arrow Huss Enterprise, built by a company that is now no longer in business and succeeded by S&S Worldwide, will be closing.

Cedar Point announced yesterday in a blog post on their blog, OnPoint, that for future expansion, the ride will be closing on Labor Day, September 3rd.

I was expecting this ride to be removed as many footers and markers appeared near the Magnum XL-200 and Witches’ Wheel.

What I am wondering is if this will be a 2019 attraction or a 2020 attraction for the park’s 150th Anniversary.

It is in a very hard to work with as the Magnum XL-200 is right next to it and then the exit to the boardwalk is ahead.

Could this mean that the Magnum XL-200 will be removed? I don’t think so. I would be very surprised if they would not leave Magnum up for its 30th anniversary, 2019.

Maybe they will make room for a 2020 attraction and start by removing Witches’ Wheel. It is very hard to say what at all will be coming there as space is hard to work with unless Magnum is removed.

Riders spinning in the air on the Witches’ Wheel! Photo by Cedar Point


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