Kennywood’s 2019 Roller Coaster – My Thoughts

Kennywood has a new roller coaster called Steel Curtain that will be opening in 2019!

It has 9 inversions and will be the tallest roller coaster in Pennsylvania!

The ride looks pretty interesting to me. My biggest complaint is the name doesn’t fit the ride well.

It’s obviously themed to the Pittsburgh Steelers and that is the reason for the name, but, the park probably shares the cost of the attraction with them.

S&S is a very weird manufacturer to go with for this ride. Gale Force had to have the track’s rail alignment redone which caused the ride to be delayed. Merlin’s Mayhem opened a year late due to many delays.

Hopefully this ride will open on time. I just thought the ride design may have been with Mack Rides, not S&S. Mack charges more for their rides, though. S&S also has never done anything like this ride before. Considering how hard it is for them to do a smaller projects like the ones mentioned above, they will probably mess this one up too.

They really need to get it right as they are one of the lower ranked manufacturers with a bad reputation for it’s rides.

I am not sure if this ride will actually be good, but time will tell. Also, hopefully this ride will only have lapbars. Another thing I wasn’t impressed with was the ride animation. No sound and the trains weren’t shown. I thought that it was rushed and put together poorly considering they teased about it for around a month.

Hopefully S&S can manage to make this ride great and it turns out okay.


2 thoughts on “Kennywood’s 2019 Roller Coaster – My Thoughts

  1. I have to agree with your comments. I was surprised by S&S being the manufacturer as well. If S&S does a good job with this coaster, it could be huge for them (as well as Kennywood). Personally, I hope everything goes according to plan and the ride opens on time and is fantastic.

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