Cedar Point Trip Report! – August 3rd, 2018

I went to Cedar Point for the 8th time this season on Friday, August 3rd, 2018! I had a very successful night!

To start off the night when I got to the park it started drizzling. Very strange. The rain forecasted a 5% chance of rain when I looked after getting out of the car.

Well unfortunately after the percentage changed to 60. Very weird. A change of 55% in under 10 minutes.

What was even more strange was that literally every coaster in the park closed. Normally most of them stay open. Even the Magnum closed.

I rode Gemini and then headed to Magnum for a ride! Gemini was smoother than it was in the past for 2018, which was good! Magnum was a little more rough than it was the last time I rode it, but still enjoyable!

I went along the path where you can get up-close shots of Magnum! I got amazing photos and videos of the ride!

After, I went to dinner at Perkins! I had Chicken Fingers, a side salad with ranch, and a sugar cookie! Very delicious and mouth-savoring!

I rode the Magnum again and it stopped abruptly after the break run coming out of the third tunnel! Also, I would like to mention: I heard some rumors that Magnum would get the original lighting and tunnel effects back for 2019, it’s 30 year anniversary!

To end off the night I waited in-line for Steel Vengeance! It was an 1 1/2 for the first ride in the back row which was amazing! So intense and the best ride I have gotten on it so far!

Then I waited again for an hour for the second row which was amazing! I got back in line at quarter to midnight (when the park closes) but the wait was only 5 minutes shorter, and I didn’t want to wait that long again.

Also for those of you trying to avoid the phone policy on Steel Vengeance or Twisted Timbers: There are several employees and a security guard watching to make sure no one has their phone. I already saw someone get kicked out of line for having their phone in-line.

It only costs $2 for a locker, which starts at a 2-hour rental. You cannot rent for 1 hour, minimum 2. Or better yet, get a rental for every locker location for $10.

Before the end of the night I rode the Maverick again! It was absolutely amazing! And can it get even better? Yes. I walked on the ride with no wait. I didn’t wait one train for the back row. The most intense, best row on Maverick.

I had an amazing time at the park and would have rode more but wanted to get a few rides on Steel Vengeance! I have 6 total rides on it so far, which is not a lot. However, during HalloWeekends hopefully Sundays will not be busy like in the past.

Normally since school and work is the next day, it is not very busy. Not sure if it will be a little busier due to Steel Vengeance. 30 minute waits would be amazing!

Look for some new articles coming soon! My Steel Vengeance review will be coming, Sights articles from my Walt Disney World Trip, HalloWeekends News, Cedar Fair Revenue Update, and HalloWeekends 2018: The Ultimate Guide!

I am going to be sharing what’s new for HalloWeekends on my YouTube channel and my Blog! But to shake things up, I will make a guide for HalloWeekends!

Everything you need to know as well as insider information!

Look forward to all of those articles in the next few weeks! The HalloWeekends Ultimate Guide will come out in a few weeks as it will take awhile to create. It may actually turn into a few parts and be split up into several posts!


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