Sights of Epcot at Walt Disney World – July 2018

Today is my long awaited Sights of Epcot at Walt Disney World from the Coaster to Coaster 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Trip in July 2018! Sorry, this was delayed, but there were other articles that would become irrelevant if published too late, and there were so many of those, so that is the reason. I decided so I can quickly finish all of the Sights articles and move on to other scheduled posts, I will be creating a slideshow of all of the photos! I hope you enjoy!

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Once near or inside the park, you are greeted with the proud American flag representing our nation and the Epcot symbol with the Spaceship Earth ride inside!

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Join Nemo & Friends on their adventure and journey on this slow-moving ride across the sea as Nemo vanishes and needs to be found!

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The building that houses The Gran Fiesta Tour with the Mexican culture truly shows it in every architectural way!

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Come and take a Journey into Imagination with Figment! You’ll learn a lot about the five senses!

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There’s a lot of findings in the Living with the Land building! You’ll find The Garden Grill Resturant, Soarin’ Around the World, and lots of paintings and fish tanks!

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Flowers, bushes, and trees line the pathway of the park to Spaceship Earth!

Lots of architectural character is given off by the Japan Tower! 

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Morocco has a lot of character and plenty of restaurants to choose from when dining in the area!

One of the most popular restaurants in France at Epcot is “Les Chefs de France” which stands for “The Leaders of France”.

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The China tower and buildings have so much personality with patterns and bright colors like the architecture in actual China!

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One thing notable about Norway is there are plenty of landmarks and architecture with plenty of flowers and waterfalls!

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Palm trees line the park as after all – you are in Florida!

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While at Epcot, you will see many views of the park from the manmade lake and also see trees and many other pretty trees and bushes!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed this article!


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