Cedar Fair’s Revenue and Attendance Still Down

Cedar Fair’s revenue and attendance are still down compared to the past seasons. Even though with the Halloween and Winter events coming up for most parks, this will not be good for investments in the coming year.

While parks will be announcing their new investments if they will receive anything for 2019 soon, the investments will be smaller than this year. Cedar Fair opened four new roller coasters this year, hoping to bring revenue up as well as attendance.

Since the weather wasn’t the best and some other environmental factors also included in the decline, I think the company may be able to recover to 3/4 of the revenue for their goals with WinterFest and Halloween events for the rest of the year.

However, even if they do recover, which is unlikely for them to recover and rise to their goals for the entire year, the investments for 2019 will be smaller. This is due to the current net revenue and how opening four roller coasters – did not turn out so well.

We already know the two parks that will be getting a roller coaster – Canada’s Wonderland and Carowinds. Track and footers have been spotted and it is clear what type of coasters they both are.

So even if the attendance and revenue recover – which it probably will, we still will not see as large of investments for the parks not scheduled to receive a roller coaster due to the first three quarters of the year.


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