What’s Coming & Leaving for HalloWeekends 2018 at Cedar Point!

HalloWeekends 2018 will be bigger and better than ever at Cedar Point! You definitely will want to come to the park and check out the event! I will include more in-depth information in my HalloWeekends Guide coming soon!

Things Leaving/Being Changed

  • Midnight Syndicate Live
    • This show will not entirely leave but will be a little different with new props, effects, and a revamped storyline
  • Hexed
    • This haunted house will not be leaving but the version of the Hexed haunted house since it opened in 2014 will not be how it will be this year
  • Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks
    • This scare zone will be leaving. Primarily for the reason, it wasn’t really in a “location”, it just was along the pathway of the FrontierTrail
  • Spooky Shenanigans
    • This show has left the park due to the fact that it was not the most popular and cost a lot to run. Plus, it was at the park for many years
  • Monster Under My Bed
    • This show will not be returning this year. Low attendance to the show/interest of the public.

Things New This Year – Haunt

  • Hexed: Lights Out
    • To save money and not have to hire as many workers, the park will be making this maze a blackout maze, with no lights at all. Not sure if there will actually be flashlights as described in the experience description
  • Trail of the Forsaken
    • This will be an attempt to make a more intense or scary maze at the park. Will be different from any scare zone the park has ever done
  • Midnight Syndicate: Conspiracy of Shadows
    • Just a little different than last year, a refresh with new effects, lighting, props, and storyline. One of the popular shows so not surprised this is happening

Things New This Year – Kid Friendly Mazes

Cedar Point offers four kid-friendly mazes for kids to visit before the actual haunted houses open with the screamsters later on Saturday and Sunday. The park introduced Hexed Spellbound being opened last year. Two NEW mazes will be among this year’s lineup. The Magical House on Boo Hill (never a haunted house open for scaring people) has also been part of the lineup for several years. 


  • The Mystery of Eerie Estate
    • Go on the journey of a detective and play different games in the kid-friendly maze.


  • Zombie Jr. High School
    • Enroll in Zombie Jr. High now! Get your class schedules and go take your exam!

Other Things New This Year

  • Steel Vengeance – Friday Night Rides
    • Since Steel Vengeance is very popular, it is on the list of rides open on Friday nights. If you are not aware, since many people cannot work Fridays, only specific rides with the most demand are open
  • Fall Foodfest
    • Located at the Lakeside Stage and it’s new this year – corn on the cob, apple dumplings, turkey legs, and more sweet and savory food to enjoy!
  • Planet Spooky Scare-Eoke
    • Sing to Halloween favorites! Similar to karaoke!
  • Schroeder’s Games of Skill
    • Fun games that require some skill and talent – but related to Halloween, of course
  • Lucy’s Pumpkin Painting
    • Decorate and take home your own mini pumpkin
  • The Great Pumpkin Photo Spot
    • Take a photo with the pumpkins and with the PEANUTS pals
  • Spooky Snoopy Eye Spy
    • Find spooky fun objects in this game!

While the park is not focusing too much on the Halloween Haunt portion of the event, the park is targeting families and providing lots more for them to do. Especially with the kid-friendly mazes and activities, plus not to forget the food and other options for experiences. This will attract MUCH more people to come to the event!

HalloWeekends opens officially on Friday, September 14th! A guide with more in-depth information and tips on the event (based on 5 years experience of visiting the event weekly on various days), will be sure to help you out during your visit to the park!


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