New for Haunt to Haunt This Year!

September 14th is just around the corner and if you don’t remember from last year – that means Haunt to Haunt!

The idea was originally going to just be a name to call the videos on my channel during the Halloween season!

But what actually happened is a series/event with many types of unique content.

This year will be different, but better than last year. The branding will change for all of the platforms a week before it begins.

The content will be tossed between my YouTube channel and blog. If you did not already know, my blog posts take less time than YouTube videos, and therefore are easier to use.

For my YouTube channel, you will get episodes from the park visits. This year I will also release at the end of the season, my favorite highlights from the season! Also I will post footage from Cedar Point and another park for the season! I even will introduce reviews for the haunted houses and events this year. Basically my goal is to have 3 episodes per week. This year I am totally blocking off other content and really “focusing” on Haunt to Haunt. 21 episodes should come out from the season.

I have two series that were supposed to start in the summer, but those will be saved for the winter. I will then be able to spend more time on them and focus on Haunt to Haunt!

As for the blog goes, different content like reviews and other exclusive content (everything isn’t planned out yet) will be happening during the season!

Make sure you stay tuned for all of that coming soon!


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