Sights of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World! – July 2018

Today I am bringing you the photos I took during the Coaster to Coaster 1 Year Anniversary Trip! This edition is Sights of Magic Kingdom from July 2018! Enjoy!

The horse is preparing for a stroll in the park!

Enjoying a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle Refreshments!



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The castle shines above the rest of the Magic Kingdom!



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Tomorrowland: Travel to the future with exhibits and attractions! Remember: It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!



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Come on down to Frontierland for a Wild & Woodly Old Time!


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The Contemporary Resort will have lots of things for you to do and provides an amazing view of Magic Kingdom!


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 Popular rides at the park themed to original Disney movies!


Come embark and take a flight on Peter Pan’s journey!

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Upon entering the park, you will see beautiful scenery!

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Beautiful scenery lies in the park because after all, you are at the Magic Kingdom in Florida!

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One of Walt Disney’s famous methods of transportation at the resort, the express Monorail! It can take you to other resorts on the property!

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Take a boat ride to the other resorts at the resort, the scenery and photos will be amazing!

Thank you so much for viewing this article! If you are wondering why it was spaced out from the other one, it takes a while to edit the photos and choose the best ones to use in the article. Plus, some other articles were just ahead in the queue naturally, something I cannot control! Stay tuned in the next week for the final two Sights articles from Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom! They are next in the queue and I can guarantee they are coming in the coming week!


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