My Thoughts on Yukon Striker and Copperhead Strike – New 2019 Cedar Fair Coasters

Cedar Fair will receive two coasters for the 2019 season, Yukon Striker at Canadas Wonderland, as well as Copperhead Strike at Carowinds!

Out of the two new additions, the one the most anticipated is Copperhead Strike as it is the first double-launch coaster in the Carolinas’ area.

Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland is a pretty typical dive coaster. But it will feature a vertical loop which most dive coasters do not have. Attendance should improve even more from the 3+ million annual visitors. It is the tallest dive coaster with a drop of 245 feet with the maximum speed at 80 miles per hour! It includes a complete 360-degree loop. It also has an underground tunnel, unlike any other dive coaster experience. It looks very promising in terms of elements and unique components. I think it will be worth visiting the park to ride this! Copperhead Strike will be a double launch coaster and built by Mack (Mäk) Rides. It will have a duration of 2 minutes and 24 seconds. It has five inversions, more than any double launch coaster in North America. It will be in a new part of the park, a country-themed area which will also include Blue Ridge Country Kitchen. The restaurant will offer quality farm-fresh foods, similar to The Cracker Barrel outside the park. Side comment, normally when I visit the park (like I did in March 2018) I ate at the Cracker Barrel right near the park. Hopefully, this will be a good alternative, looks to be a great addition to the park!

A 130-suite hotel will also be added to the park; announced earlier but will mention it. It will operate as a Marriott franchise and will be open year-round. It will open in Summer 2019, just in time to get to the park to ride Copperhead Strike.

I think both rides will be amazing additions to the parks and will boost attendance – especially for Carowinds!


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