Cedar Point Trip Report – Labor Day Weekend 2018

Labor Day Weekend I planned to visit the Cedar Point peninsula multiple times! I ended up visiting on Saturday, September 1st and Monday, September 4th!

Friday, August 31st

I decided on Friday, August 31st to not go to the park at night. It was not worth it as I would only be able to go for a few hours.

Saturday, September 1st

On Saturday, September 1st, I went to Cedar Point for most of the day.

I started off in Cedar Point Shores water park which was extremely crowded! Every attraction had almost an hour wait. I decided to just do the lazy rivers. They have two, a more calm one and an adventurous one.

After I got ready to head to the park, but was extremely hungry, as I hardly ate anything that day. I went to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery and had breakfast, even though it was the evening, I still had a desire for it. I had pancakes, a salad, a Vanilla milkshake, and a sugar cookie!

I headed to the park and rode the Magnum XL-200 a few times! I got some weak rides and some strong rides, but overall I always enjoy it! Originally I was going to ride GateKeeper but it was closed, unfortunately.

Something I always have to point out is this ride is very significant to the history of roller coasters. Yes, it may be rough and not the best ride. But just remember this coaster inspired other coasters to be created, which led the evolution of roller coaster and amusement park history!

I did a lot of walking and sight-seeing around the park. I took lots of photos for my final regular Cedar Point Sights article. More articles will be coming, but to showcase some events: The Great Ohio Coaster Club Fall Freak Out, HalloWeekends, Haunt at Kings Island, Last Rites at Kentucky Kingdom, and Striker’s Grove! I will include photos from the special event and regular photos as well. I am very excited to showcase these for you!

I also took video for my Cinematic Footage of Cedar Point! I have gotten requests to do this type of footage and I haven’t done it too much. Plus, I got tips from a few people about how to shoot it! I am excited to improve from the past Cinematic Footage I shot and uploaded to my channel!

As for the Great Ohio Coaster Club, I will be doing a very special episode on my YouTube channel. The episode will showcase what it’s like being part of the club and more. I will not be releasing many details as this will be a special episode and I am still planning out the details but wanted to make you aware that is coming soon!

I rode the Maverick as it just opened after being closed for hours, yes hours, due to mechanical problems. It was only a 25-minute wait so it was worth it. While in line, someone was sick or got injured during the ride and the EMS was assisting a guest down the elevator for guests who need assistance.

Finally, I had five minutes until the park closed, just enough time to get to Steel Vengeance! I got an amazing ride on it! I decided I would rather wait an hour for Steel Vengeance than participate in GateKeeper and Raptor ERT.

Overall it was an amazing day filled with lots of fun!

Monday, September 4th

Monday I visited the park in hopes of shorter lines. Of course, that did not exactly happen. There was some rain and scattered thunderstorms that day, but it did not affect my visit as much as I was predicting it would.

I started off and rode the Top Thrill Dragster! It was a 15-minute wait which was very surprising, even that it was open. I really enjoyed it and had one of the better rides on it with a very forceful launch!

I then decided to ride the Magnum XL-200. Unfortunately, this is when the storms started occurring and the ride closed.

I decided to check out Dinosaurs Alive one last time as it was closing at the end of that day. What will replace it? Adventure Island. Not many details were released at all, which is the reason why nothing was said about it on my blog. Wanted to get good photo opportunities of Millennium Force. But of course, it was closed and for mechanical issues.

I just got a few last photos and footage from the site. At least I have something to remember and possibly showcase (not sure what I am doing with it yet) what Dinosaurs Alive had to offer.

I rode Steel Vengeance and waited an hour and a half. Not an excruciatingly long wait, but definitely not enjoyable. I got a really strong ride on it, especially during the daytime.

I rode Magnum XL-200 a few times and got some really smooth and enjoyable rides on it, surprisingly. It was not as bad as I imagined it to be during that day.

I rode the Witches’ Wheel one last time and it is fun, but not the best ride of course.

I was going to ride the Top Thrill Dragster again, but I did not want to wait 30 minutes for it since I already rode it that day. Plus, I will be coming back to the park the next two weeks. With my prior experience, there are low crowds.

I grabbed a Java Chip Frappuccino and Apple Juice and left the park.

I highly enjoyed my weekend! Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for lots of new posts soon!


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