Sights of Cedar Point! – September 2018

It’s normally my final regular Sights article of the 2018 season! Some more regular articles for other parks will be coming out this Fall! Stay tuned! More articles will come out, but with the theme of Haunt to Haunt for Cedar Point! If you would like more information on Haunt to Haunt this year, check out the page here. Please be aware though the page is still under construction and please check back on September 13th for complete and accurate information.

Cedar Point Shores water park is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day! Featuring 2 lazy rivers, a wave pool, 4 drop slides, 6 racing slides, and other enjoyable activities!

Race each other and see who’ll finish first on this Hybrid roller coaster! At the time it opened in 1978, it was the first Hybrid roller coaster! The coaster to the right in the background, Steel Vengeance, is now the tallest and fasted Hybrid roller coaster!

The Gemini was the tallest and fastest roller coaster when it opened in 1978! 11 years later, the Magnum XL-200 to the left of the coaster with Moly Orange track, was the first Hyper coaster! It broke the 200-foot height barrier and was the tallest roller coaster in the world! The coaster in the middle of the photo that is 400-feet tall was the tallest roller coaster in the world in 2003 and broke the height barrier!

While walking on the Cedar Point Boardwalk to get to the beach, you will see the Magnum XL-200 next to you and the Point Plummet! The Point Plummet features 4 drop slides and two other tube slides!

Come to take a stroll across the Cedar Point Boardwalk & Beach! You will be able to see Hotel Breakers, Cedar Point Shores, and the Cedar Point Beach!

Lots of regular guests do not normally come to these restaurants or are not aware of them! They are outside of the park and you can leave the exit near the WindSeeker or Magnum to get here. In Hotel Breakers the following restaurants are featured: T.G.I. Friday’s, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, and Tomo Sushi & Hibachi! All great options with quality food!

The Hotel Breakers main tower dating back to 1905! The historic hotel was preserved and received a $40 million upgrade and complete renovation that completely transformed the hotel! The hotel now features a modern, comfortable look as well as spacious rooms that won’t disappoint.

Beautiful flowers and other touches await before entering the back entrance of Hotel Breakers!

After a quick shower occurred in the evening at the park, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the park! Haven’t seen this at The Point for a little while!

Magnum XL-200! The perfect time to ride it is when the sun is setting! Beautiful view of Lake Erie and you can see Canada on a crystal clear sunny day.

The sunset and views on the Cedar Point Beach are unbelievable just before the sun sets!

The views of the Top Thrill Dragster is amazing from the Cedar Point Beach!

If you prefer not to get in the sand, you can still get amazing views of the Lake from the boardwalk that extends from the Main Parking Lot to the Hotel Breakers Parking Lot, the Cedar Point Shores Water Park, and the Magnum XL-200 Entrance.

Along the entire park, you can see an amazing sunset above all of the attractions making a perfect opportunity for photos and footage!


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