Great Ohio Coaster Club Fall Freak Out Trip Report! – September 9th, 2018

The Great Ohio Coaster Club was a great event overall! Most of the activities got cancelled due to a few factors and circumstances.

Just a heads-up, this Trip Report will be EXTREMELY SHORT and wouldn’t have been if the weather cooperated.

I didn’t arrive early for ERT because I wanted to see if Steel Vengeance was even open. I got to the park and it was pouring rain and cold.

I headed to Steel Vengeance and rode it 7 times. It was only drizzling so it wasn’t that bad. I got to stay in the same seat for 2 trains and only waited not even a train for every ride.

I than rode Valravn and really enjoyed the walk on wait! Normally Valravn has at least an hour wait.

I waited by the Eerie Estate and than found out that Cedar Point is closing at 2 p.m., 15 minutes before the tour.

Since the park was closing, the rest of the event – haunted house tour and dinner, were cancelled.

Everybody left and it was still raining. Due to the poor weather and low attendance, both factors played a roll in the closing of the park.

I was a little disappointed it was cancelled but there was nothing you could do.

Still there are many benefits to joining the club:

  • Access to participate in events like CoasterMania! and Coasterstock each year
  • Benefits and discounts for amusement parks and activities
  • The Streak Newsletter with club and amusement park information/stories and exclusive content
  • Multiple events a year at local parks – and sometimes events joined with ACE!
  • A Holiday Party with prices and contests – prices include amusement park merchandise, tickets, and more!

Thanks for reading! If you were not aware already, the Sights article from the event and another exclusive article from the event has been cancelled. This article was supposed to include a review, but since the event did not go as planned I will not be reviewing it.


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