Dinosaurs Alive and Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island – My Thoughts

If you were not aware already, Dinosaurs Alive was an exhibit with over 50 moving life-size dinosaurs.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, the company who owns Cedar Point, made an agreement with a company to license the attraction for 5 years.

Cedar Point’s attraction opened in 2013 and I only visited it two times – including my visit on closing day.

When it opened it was pretty cool. Still not the best attraction but it was something extra to add to the park. The location and title is not very appealing to most people, who skip it.

The park realized that they were not going to make any profit from it after the first season. They were stuck with the attraction for 4 more years.

Once the agreement ended they of course would not renew the attraction. There is no point if attendance was low.

Next year they will introduce Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island! This attraction will be like an adventure and you will have clues and have to unlock a mystery. Very interesting. I think this attraction will have more public interest than Dinosaurs Alive.

I just am wondering how it will be set up. The gift shop is almost completely empty the day it closed. Maybe that will be demolished? Used for something else?

The particular indispensable thing about the attraction is how well the public reacts to the opening and attraction itself. That will determine the success. Will it make news stories? Will people love it?

Who knows? Time will tell as, frankly, very vague details have currently been provided to the public.


4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Alive and Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island – My Thoughts

  1. I wasn’t interested in Dinosaurs Alive at all. I guess it was ok to look at once, but there was really no need to see it again afterwards. Does Carowinds have the same 5 year deal?

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