The Magical House on Boo Hill at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends – The Haunt Spotlight

Today I am introducing the Haunt Spotlight. This type of article will describe the experience or what a Halloween attraction has to offer. I will do more of these in the future during October, as well as reviews for the Halloween attractions. This is different than a review, so please be aware.

More information about Haunt to Haunt is available on the Coaster to Coaster website here. From this page, scroll down and click the purple call-to-action that says “Click Here” to access the official Haunt to Haunt webpage.

The Magical House on Boo Hill is a friendly haunted house for kids. Be advised that if no one under around 60 inches is in your group, you will not be able to see the house.

I do think it is very strange that you cannot visit the haunted house because of this, but it is supposedly because this is the only kid-friendly haunted house.

The house has many decorations and looks similar to a haunted house, except the difference is it is not scary.

The entrance of the Magical House on Boo Hill with the witch inside the window almost about to come out!

When you walk up to it, you will see purple and turquoise painted structure that stands in front of the door for the house. You will also see an animated witch that comes out when the window of the structure moves.

There is music playing while going through the house and you can see lots of lights, a spinning table, flickering lights, and other props. There is a cat, a bed, and lots of other Halloween props around the house.

The house is structured room-to-room, which is a major difference from regular haunted houses.

The building that it is placed in is primarily used for storage during the off-season. The haunted house has a lot of interactive props, but they are not frightening at all.

The haunted house also will have candy on Friday’s at the end.

Before the regular haunted houses are open to kids before they open Saturday and Sunday, this was the only kid-friendly haunted house. Of course, Cedar Point recommends you are at least 13 to visit the haunted houses, however, I think 8-10 is a good age to start.

If someone does not like anything scary or many things frighten someone, it probably isn’t a good idea, and be better off to wait until 11-13.

The sign for the Magical House on Boo Hill located under Raptor’s first inversion!

The Magical House on Boo Hill is located next to the Boo Streak (Blue Streak roller coaster) and directly next to Chickies and Pete’s. There is a sign under Raptor’s 100-foot vertical loop.

The Magical House on Boo Hill is a great experience for people who do not want to get scared or just want to check out the house. However, please note. This year the policy of who can access the house is more strict. If you are over 60 inches and have no one under 54 inches in the group, you will probably be denied access.


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