Eerie Estate at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends September 2018 Review

Eerie Estate is one of the best haunted houses at Cedar Point. It opened in 2009 in a building that used to be used primarily for office spaces and storage.

The building is very, very old and is the perfect setting for this type of haunted house.

The structure is in rooms – bathroom, bedroom, closet, kitchen, etc.

Have you been in this house before? This year there is a totally new experience and the path of the house as well as structure has changed completely.

It is better this year and you will get a new experience.

My favorite aspect of this house is the darkness. You will be able to see all of the props in the house, however, you will not be able to see most of the screamsters and will not expect to get scared when you will.

The haunted house will give you a feeling you are in a very old eerie house or hotel.

The screamsters do a great job in the places they hide – which change normally every day. Some insider information: Sometimes they have a map of where to hide for the day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Other times, they will actually be able to pick where they will hide when there is less workers, but it has to be a place from the map of places.

You will get jump scares when you don’t expect it! It is a really fun and scary haunted house!

Please Note: I DO NOT recommend people under the age of 10 or people who get scared easily. As a test, take them through a scare zone and see if they are really scared. If they get extremely scared, Eerie Estate is not a good idea. Try a local haunted house and if they are extremely scared, than do not go into the Eerie Estate. I have watched many people walk inside and leave crying.

You get a really good scare in the haunted house and the props are very good.

You will encounter loud music, strobe lights, bright blue and red lights, as well as lots of scares and props.

Some of the props will even scare you so watch out and be ready for the fun!

The haunted house brings a lot to the table – especially for HalloWeekends!

This haunted house easily is the best in the park! It is classic, themed after George A. Boeckling who helped the park to become successful, and has great props and screamsters.

Final Score: 9/10

The reason for the point off is because it could be more intense and scary, but it is still a strong haunted house.


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