Zombie High School at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends September 2018 Review

Today I will be reviewing Zombie High School and sharing my full thoughts on the haunted house.

If you did not know already, Zombie High School opened in 2013 in a building at the front of the park.

Zombie High School is themed to a school, hence the name.

The building is located in the front of the park. Practically, you can find it very easily and walk right up to it.

The queue is under a pavillion with lights.

The house has very loud music that you can hear outside the queue. It fits the house well.

Inside the haunted house, you will find classrooms, hallways, desks, a lunchroom, a ballroom, and other normal settings for a school.

The screamsters hide in places you would not expect – the times you expect to get scared you don’t get scared, but 3 seconds later when you don’t expect it…. you’ll be scared.

That is one of the great aspects about Zombie High School. It is a very fun and exciting haunted house.

The house is pretty long but normally you will just be in a room for the majority of the time in the house. You will encounter a hallway or two, but normally just a room.

The screamsters do a really good job and the house was formerly Club Blood, so some posters still are hung up. The house is very appealing and you can tell lots of time was spent on it before it opened.

Zombie High School is my 2nd favorite haunted house at HalloWeekends in 2018, behind Eerie Estate. Last year, it was 1st, however we’ll see if that changes as the season progresses.

You can see my final score and information about why I chose that score below:

Final Score: 9/10 – A – Awesome

Zombie High School for sure deserves a 9/10. The reason for not giving it a 10 is, quite frankly, it is not as good as Eerie Estate which currently holds the 10 position. It is a good haunted house but the scaring factor is not as good and exciting as the Eerie Estate. It is still a great haunted house, however.


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