Sights of HalloWeekends at Cedar Point – October 2018 Part 1

HalloWeekends is in full swing and is now approaching the 4th weekend on Friday, October 6th!

I have collected some photos that I thought showed some exciting things around the park! Enjoy!

Walking along the midway by Rougarou and Millennium Force!

I love the way the Steel Vengeance sign lights up at night during HalloWeekends!

The entrance to the Zombie High School haunted house!
Part of the building where the Eerie Estate haunted house is located inside!

Lots and lots of pumpkins line the midways of the park, especially near Corkscrew and Top Thrill Dragster!

The wall border at Chickie’s and Pete’s at Cedar Point!

The famous crab fries with maple sauce at Chickie’s and Pete’s restaurant!


The entrance of HalloWeekends with the GateKeeper keyholes and pumpkins!


The Magical House on Boo Hill, the kid-friendly fun haunted house at Cedar Point!

Come join Lucy at her Pumpkin Painting activity on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at The Great Pumpkin Fest!

Cedar Point decorates lots of pumpkins and bushes/hay around the park which adds to the decoration of HalloWeekends!

Cedar Point added new large skeletons in the flower beds at the park! They look really cool when walking along the midway!

The large Frankenstein statue near Kiddy Kingdom at the park with tons of rides for kids!


2 thoughts on “Sights of HalloWeekends at Cedar Point – October 2018 Part 1

  1. How do they find all that creativity and contain it into just two months of the year? The rest of the season they can’t seem to keep the effects on Maverick working, or even the TV screens in the queue lines on. Even the DJ booths are all but abandoned in spring and summer. I wish they could spread it into the summer – it could be exciting all the time.


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