Slaughter House at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends October 2018 Review

Slaughter House is where you’ll find meat killers who want to get some fresh meat in the house! You’ll find the ultimate setup inside the haunted house!

This haunted house opened in 2015 in the infield of Millennium Force’s first outerbank turn. It is the only thing other than repair items and loose articles in the infield.

My favorite part about the haunted house are the props and structure.

They really add to the fun of the haunted house. The props are very detailed and some of them actually look real. The screamsters did a better job in this house then they did before, which is a good improvement.

There are some chainsaws and meat crushers inside the building. The meat crusher (spoiler alert) is just an inflatable and you go tightly through it. It is normal after you have visited the house multiple times, but will be different when you visit the first time.

Little kids: I advise you to stay away from this haunted house. It is more intense than the others. Many children under 10 come out of the house crying.

This haunted house normally has a pretty short line, on Friday’s and Sunday’s. Saturday, well just forget about it. Everything has a 2 hour line on Saturday.

The screamsters hide behind the walls with openings in props and places you would not expect. Some of the places the screamsters were hiding was a shock that they could hide there without a person finding out!

The haunted house, also a fun fact, was added because many people asked for an intense haunted house. Other haunted houses similar to this have been added to other Cedar Fair Parks.

Final Score: 8/10

It is a pretty good haunted house but light is more visible and I wish the walls were actually enclosed so you can’t see through them. That would make the house even more intense. However, this maze is way better from previous years.


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