Fearground Freakshow at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends October 2018 Review

Fearground Freakshow is a haunted house themed to clowns and freaks like that. It is the newest haunted house at Cedar Point and has a unique layout and theme. It replaced Eternity Infirmary which closed at the end of the 2016 season.

I was not a huge fan of the haunted house last year as you did not really get “scared”, but just jokes appeared in the house. This year you get scared a lot more and I think it is one of the top haunted houses in the park.

The building is circular making it perfect for a circus haunted house. Eternity Infirmary was used in the house and the walls were broken up into rooms.

Fearground Freakshow is a great haunted house. There are approximately 60 screamsters in the house, so you’ll be sure to get scared.

I really like the lights that are lined up around the building! They really add to the theme of the maze!

Laughing Sally is also moved into the house for HalloWeekends and will be moved back to it’s normal location near the arcade building.

There are two trailers painted white themed to a circus. There are also people hanging on wires who scare you from below. Surprisingly, you do not expect it!

You also go into a circus tent in the house which is pretty cool and different. It is very weird, however, as the structure of the maze is very different from Eternity Infirmary.

I think that the actors’ makeup looks great and gives off a good theme and resemblance to the theme of the house.

One thing that is notable is this is a haunted house that is extremely different to Cedar Point’s normal haunted house theme.

The props in the house are also very good especially since you can see them! This haunted house is not pitch black and you can see things clear. I kind of wish it was darker and more similar to Eternity Infirmary, but it would be hard to do that with this theme.

The props itself are very good and were chosen well to decorate the haunted house. Some props most likely came from CarnEvil or other old attractions in the park.

The house also has some surprises like an area that shows resemblance to Eden Musee, which probably was from that haunted house. It closed in 2016 to be replaced by a completely pitch black haunted house.

Some people in the house will be out of the maze. They will go outside of the walls to get to other areas of the house. A similar system was used for Eternity Infirmary, but with a different layout. This makes it easy for workers to move positions and change their location.

People also do tricks in the booth outside of the building with clown music playing.

Fearground Freakshow overall is a really good haunted house! I really enjoy it!

Final Score: 9/10

The haunted house has had a great improvement from 2017. The focus was to show weird things like touching your nose or other tricks. Now the house is scarier and it is better that way!


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