Deprivation at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends October 2018 Review

Deprivation at Cedar Point is one of the newest haunted houses during the HalloWeekends season.

It replaced Eden Musee, a wax museum. The new haunted house has a few different mazes which you have to find your way through in pitch-black.

The new haunted house is not as good as Eden Musee.

In the maze, you have to find your way through by feeling the walls and it seems like it would be impossible, but it’s quite easy.

It should be very easy for many people to complete (in under 10 minutes).

There are a very limited amount of screamsters inside the house so you will not get jump scares that much.

The house just is so simpler compared to Eden Musee. It had many different wax exhibits and tons of cool rooms.

I do believe they did not change the entire structure and just fitted it differently for Deprivation.

They put the new haunted house in clearly for workers. Eden Musee opened in 2012 and closed after 2017 (2016 was the last season). That is only 5 years. The haunted house was super popular and the entire queue was full. Now there is hardly a wait even on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

The haunted house is very simple and did disappoint me when it opened. Honestly they should have added Fearground Freakshow (which they did) and keep Eden Musee open for at least 2017 and 2018.

The haunted house is like a game since you have to complete it and the exit is not very clear where it is. Even the maze is extremely simple.

Nothing really is extremely impressing at all about this haunted house. It is just okay and should not be on your must-do list for the park.

Final Score: 6/10

The haunted house will receive the low rating because a superior haunted house closed for a haunted house that is boring. The house does not even have hardly any screamsters to scare you.


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