Hexed: Lights Out at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends October 2018 Review

Cedar Point transformed Hexed into a Lights Out maze with a small flashlight they give you before you go inside to use in the house.

The haunted house is a little better than Hexed which was not a very good haunted house for the most part. Some days Hexed would be really good, others it would be very bad.

I think the transformation is good as you get more scares compared to Deprivation and Hexed.

The flashlight is very tiny and will only add a little light to the room. Make sure to not point the flashlight up and have it get in a screamsters eye. Rather, point it down or low to the ground.

However, the flashlight does add light to the house. You also do still get scared even when the building is mostly dark. It is a complete different experience compared to Deprivation.

You cannot see most of the props, but some that are purposeful you can still see. I think they should have kept a few rooms with some of the props on, however that would defeat the purpose.

Also, the haunted house should have a different theme. I like the witch themed haunted house idea but the house is just boring. I think a different theme would be good for the haunted house. In addition to that, I also think that the park could have spent more time thinking of the places people would hide since there are a lot of props taking up space there.

I also think the screamsters could put more effort into attempting to scare people. Sometimes they will just stare at you when they can actually scare you.

But the overall haunted house is currently better than Deprivation and the original Hexed maze which is an improvement.

Final Score: 7/10


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