Why Did Cedar Point Close Eternity Infirmary and Eden Musee? – My Thoughts

Someone requested this article to be made so I thought I would make a whole mini-series on it. The topic is why did Cedar Point close a certain haunted house. These types of things will definetely spark more questions, but I will try to do my best to answer this.

I will start off with Eternity Infirmary, first.

First off, I will say that the doctor theme haunted house had been there for a while, however, I actually would prefer that it would still be open today. Eternity Infirmary was a very popular haunted house just like Fearground Freakshow, so why did it close?

One possible reason is time. Cedar Point changed the name of the house after people found it offensive to people with disabilities. But what most people will not realize: the theme was still the same. Dr. D Mented’s Asylum for the Criminally Insane was the original name for the house (which lasted for 2 years) until it was changed to Eternity Infirmary.

I think it was just time. That theme for the haunted house lasted for 8 years. They were ready for something new.

Another possible factor would be maintneance of props. There were a lot of moving props in the house that had high maintneance and some have said they did not want to keep upkeeping all of the props.

While I think that could have been a factor into why it closed, I do not think it was solely based on that.

While doing research on this subject matter, a few suggested financial reasons. However, Cedar Point spent more money by getting rid of the house and putting a new one in. Haunted houses cost thousands of dollars. Fearground Freakshow is estimated to cost around 15,000 USD. That was not a factor in their decision or they would have kept it to keep costs low.

I think Cedar Point was just ready to get rid of the haunted house.

Now, I’ll move onto Eden Musee.

But they did use some of the museum collections from Eden Musee in the house. Just making a point, Eden Musee was not ready to close at all. They put an estimated 30,000 USD into that house and it was only open for 5 years. The Eden Musee used to be a wax museum at Cedar Point and I have heard that the people who set up the haunted houses (who had been there for a while) and some workers have said that it was a waste of time to set up all of that. They set up lots of scenes and rooms and than they closed it for a pitch black haunted house.

I think that Cedar Point made a horrible decision closing this haunted house. Eden Musee had a long line filling the entire queue and Deprivation has no line at all. Why? Because it’s a really bad haunted house.

The decision for this haunted house was for workers. By getting rid of this haunted house that needed approximately 25+ screamsters (that’s a lot for one house), they could reduce the workers needed. Obviously they did not find value in the actual haunted house, which people really loved.

When asking a worker who worked at Eden Musee and now works at Deprivation, they mentioned how it was a “suprise that it was closing”. Most haunted houses that will close have a celebration or something similar the last operating day, but Eden Musee, they thought would be open the next year. With the rush of things, that is why the number of workers most likely is the reason for it closing.

It is very dissapointing that they turned a really good haunted house which they built for Eden Musee into a blackout maze, which they now have two of them.

I think that Cedar Point made the right decision to close Eternity Infirmary, but based on what we know about Eden Musee – not so much. Not many details at all are given to people so you do not really get much information to analyze, all you have is the information you can find.


2 thoughts on “Why Did Cedar Point Close Eternity Infirmary and Eden Musee? – My Thoughts

    1. Yes I definetely do. I have learned lots of things from experts for years and have done hours of research. Every day I learn something new about the park! I absolutely love it and it takes around 1 hour and 10-30 minutes depending on traffic to get to the park for me.


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