Expert Advice for Visiting HalloWeekends at Cedar Point on Saturday!

I am very excited to finally release the expert advice I can give for Saturday’s at HalloWeekends!

This advice will be very helpful as I have always said and always will – the park is very busy.

When visiting on Saturday, there is plenty of time during the day to enjoy attractions.

The best way to do as much as someone can, come to the park early.

Try and ride the most popular rides early. They will have a line, but it saves the longer line when people wait to ride it later in the day.

Try to also catch a show, especially if little kids are visiting too. Make sure to stop at The Great Pumpkin Fest area. People also like to take advantage of Parent Swap, a program where two parents can still ride with a child. If a child is there as well and would love The Great Pumpkin Fest festivities, do all of the attractions there and the kid-friendly haunted mazes before heading to the other rides.

When hungry, go somewhere to eat. Check out my other article about the Best Restaurants to Eat at Cedar Point for advice here.

Try to catch a show from The Great Pumpkin Fest or do something before starting to ride rides.

It’s probably a good idea to start riding at 3 p.m. and finish up riding most of the rides. Than once it is 6 p.m., Haunt opens and most people love to take advantage of all of the shows, haunted houses, and scare zones available. There are tons of exciting things someone can do after dark.

Try to start from the back of the park and make the way toward the front. Normally people will just start in the front and do the houses there. You can even catch some rides if everything is timed right.

Once done everything in the back of the park, do the attractions in the front of the park. Try to catch rides or shows along the way. Scare zones are also extremely fun – and do not have waits! Take advantage of those as they are just as good as the haunted houses.

That ends my advice for Saturdays at HalloWeekends! Timing is extremely important. Before leaving an area, do everything possible.

Thank you for reading and have a spook-tacular visit!


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