Cedar Point Trip Report! – October 28th, 2018

I went to Cedar Point on October 28th after a few hours of “deciding” whether or not to go. It’s my tradition to always go on Opening and Closing Day of every season, which I had done for the past seasons. I am sure glad I went!

It was pouring when I got to the park. Not too bad but it was still raining hard enough that it was not enjoyable walking into the park.

My first stop was Zombie High School which had the longest line of the year. Lots of people come to the park on the last day and of course, due to the rain no one wanted to get wet. The queue for Zombie High is under a pavillion, keeping it dry.

That was the best visit I have ever gotten in that haunted house! There were so many screamsters and it was really good! I still don’t think it beats Eerie Estate, but it’s close. Last year I thought Zombie High was better but this year Eerie is taking the win.

After I got out it was not raining as hard anymore and I decided to walk to Steel Vengeance to see if I could get a last ride on it.

Some person that I have never seen before was super nice and gave us the one voucher Fast Lane Plus tickets from the tweetup. Of course, when the tweetup happened near Raptor and I was 2 minutes away from that, I was in line for something.

While walking to FrontierTown, I saw lots of the major rides start to open which was great news. I did not think anything would be open as EVERY RIDE was down when I got to the park.

I got to Steel Vengeance and it was down. People formed a line but I decided it would be a while most likely. I rode Maverick instead! I’m glad because Steel Vengeance didn’t open until I was at the final break run of Maverick!

I rode Steel Vengeance with those vouchers and the person who manages the Fast Lane line didn’t even take them back so I saved them for next year. I rode Steel Vengeance another time after seeing the regular line pretty short. Super glad I got a chance to ride it before the park closed for the season!

After that I looked at some of the gift shops since they always do major discounts on candy and other items. I also ran in to Coaster Guy 101, from one of the gift shops, while he was working there.

I rode the Magnum XL-200 in the pouring rain shortly after. Everything else was closed as it started to pour again. I was super happy that I made perfect timing and was able to get on some rides. Magnum was fun, especially in the rain. It doesn’t beat the absolute pouring rain ride I had a few years ago.

I looked in the Pagoda Gift Shop for a Souvenir Map which I normally always say a the beginning of every season that I’m going to get it early. But I never end up doing that. I always wait until the end of the season. Anyways, I could not find it in the store and an associate said they were all sold out from summer. After just looking in the CP Shop at the front of the park and asking, I FOUND ONE!!! I was super happy as it is my tradition to hang the souvenir maps up in my picture frame in my room and than replace them every year with the updated version.

My visit was amazing! When I came to the park I thought I would ride nothing but I ended up having a ton of fun, even while I only rode 3 rides!

Well, that wraps up the main amusement park season. Of course, WinterFest events and Holiday amusement park events will still be open, but it’s basically the off-season! Have a good one everyone and hope to see some of you in the parks next year!


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