Sights at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends! – October 2018 Part 2

The 2018 Season has come to a close. Finally I will be sharing the Sights photos I took in the rest of October! Enjoy!

Steel Vengeance, a new-for-2018 RMC Hybrid roller coaster with an excellent sign and pumpkins around the sign for Halloween.

Maverick, an Intamin Blitz Coaster! It has an amazing ride and fits well in the park!

Cut Throat Cove, a scare zone in the in-field of Maverick that is open during HalloWeekends!

Snake River Falls, a water ride at Cedar Point, which closes on Labor Day due to the lower temperatures.

You can see another part of Maverick from the
Frontier Trail near Thunder Canyon!

The FrontierTown sign greeting guests into the

Cornstalkers, a scare zone near Thunder Canyon transforming the area for HalloWeekends!

Come to the mill and learn a little about it’s history right inside Cedar Point!

All of the park’s amazing animals come to play and entertain guests!

This train model is along the Frontier Trail. Many guests will encounter it when walking through the area!

People can see multiple unique angles of
Millennium Force from different areas of the

Trail of the Forsaken, a scare zone at Cedar Point in the Frontier Trail!

The school bus has arrived to Zombie High School to drop off new students who will become zombies!

The graves hold the long lost souls of passed ones.

Ocean Motion is used as a potion stirred up by the witches and is now Ocean Potion!


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