Top 10 Roller Coasters at Cedar Point – November 2018

With the Cedar Point Season over, I will make my list of my personal Top 10 Roller Coasters. I may also do a few other parks later in November.

Number 10


Gemini is a pretty good coaster! It can be a little rough at times, but it is a really good ride. It also has historic value as it was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world when it opened.

Number 9


While Rougarou is not the worst ride ever, I am particularly not a huge fan of it. It is a pretty boring ride and I get tons of headbanging when I ride it.

Number 8


GateKeeper is a really fun coaster! It is not the most intense and could be a much better ride but I enjoy it when I ride it at the park!

Number 7


Valravn is a really great coaster! It’s pretty fun and provides good adrenaline, but feels very short and is not very intense. It also does not have very good elements.

Number 6


Raptor is a really intense coaster with great elements! It can be rough especially toward the end at times, but it is still a great ride!

Number 5

Magnum XL-200

Magnum XL-200 is an amazing coaster! It is situated right next to the water making for perfect views of Lake Erie! I love the ride and it has an important historical value – it was the first Hyper coaster and was the best coaster at the time. It broke the 200-foot height barrier and created a new generation of roller coasters.

Number 4

Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster packs a really amazing ride in less than 20 seconds! While it will break down lots and has a long wait, it is a great ride! There are spectacular views of the park from the top!

Number 3

Millennium Force

Millennium Force is an amazing coaster! It was the first Giga coaster and opened in 2000 when the new millennium happened. It was a new type of coaster and is still amazing today!

Number 2


Maverick is an amazing ride! It may not have very many stats and not look like one of the best coasters in the world but it is super intense and has really cool elements!

Number 1

Steel Vengeance

Cedar Point’s new roller coaster for 2018 is amazing! The ride is very intense and provides great airtime and awesome elements – all in a less than 3 minute ride! It is the best coaster at the park for sure and is among the best in the world!

Thank you for reading! My rankings for coasters have definitely changed from last season!


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