Cedar Point Overall 2018 Review!

Cedar Point had a lot of issues and problems for the 2018 season, making the park struggle to resume normal operation.

The overall season, however, was amazing; with some drawbacks too.

The start of the season was very bad for the park and guests. Steel Vengeance broke down during the Passholder Preview Nights frequently, starting problems with the ride. On Opening Day, two trains hit each other, in which the park describes as a “light bump”.

In May, the park had worker shortages, making the staff extremely smaller than usual. Many food stands were closed because of this.

The ride only operated with one train for an entire wait, making the wait extremely long for a moderate crowd.

The park also had teenagers throw hot sauce at the ride, causing more issues.

At Kings Dominion, someone forgot to zip their pocket and their phone hit someone in the face. This caused Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengeance to get a policy stating no loose articles may be brought on the ride.

People were angry because they had to now pay a locker fee every time they wanted to ride and also had to wait in line without their phone.

The park also did not have the best weather this season. Lots of cooler temperatures in the summer with clouds and rain. Lots of rain. Especially during weekends when the park receives the largest crowds. This lowered profit for the park.

In June, the park operated two trains. It made the line a little faster. The trains did not operate with two on the track at a time, disappointing guests. That implementation could have made the line half as short.

Most of the rides had great uptime during the Summer, which was great.

Steel Vengeance was closed a few days for modifications to the ride system to increase efficiency. In other words, to make the ride break down much less frequently then it had.

In August, Millennium Force’s motor broke entirely causing the ride to shut down. No specific details have been released, but it is believed the cable and motor were replaced.

Millennium then had really bad uptime. The ride was broken down 50% of the time every week. Uptime later increased, but the ride used to be open 95% of the time every week with a breakdown hardly ever.

Guests were disappointed when they found out Steel Vengeance was operating with three trains. Even though the wait would be shorter, the train could not leave the station until the other train arrived.

Shows for the 2018 season were an improvement from the 2017 season.

Ride dispatches were well done, however, needed improvement compared to dispatches in 2017.

HalloWeekends did not bring much this year but just a new scare zone and Hexed was transformed into a Lights Out house.

The park also did not ever admit to the failure of certain things during the season. That was not good at all.

The end of the season brought lots of crowds due to the HalloWeekends season.

Overall the season was great, except Closing Day had horrible weather.

Here’s to another season!

Final Score: 7/10

With everything that happened this season that was unforeseeable, the park did a great job.


2 thoughts on “Cedar Point Overall 2018 Review!

  1. I would have given a much lower score because they never admitted to any of their failures. Once a problem surfaced, they directed your attention elsewhere, applied some sort of fix, and let you think it somehow magically never happened. They are great at hype, but lousy at damage control in the PR department.

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