The Purpose of a MCBR and Benefits/Downsides

A MCBR is commonly used on many roller coasters across the world. It is an acronym used to stand for Mid-Course Brake Run. These are found near the middle of the ride to help assist with a few different things.

One main thing is to slow the ride down to an appropriate speed to ensure that the ride stops smoothly.

Another main thing is to ensure that all trains, if multiple, can be operated at the same time.

The MCBR assists with giving the ride enough momentum to make it to the final brake run.

One thing that is extremely important is blocking the trains to make sure that they do not come in contact with each other, ever. Especially if one train were to get stuck on the lift hill or at the MCBR, this makes it important.

Lines would also increase making more rides have longer waits, which no one wants. Waits on some roller coasters would be doubled or even tripled from the average wait with the MCBR. Also, capacity on the ride is important so riders can get on the ride as quickly as possible.

Some downsides to the MCBR is slowing down the ride lots and giving it less momentum. Some MCBR’s do this and it does not make the ride better, but is still necessary.

One major thing that people do not like about a MCBR is that most rides will slow down after an exciting element, making the rest of the ride not as good. This only applies to certain roller coasters, not all.

A MCBR is essential to most rides, but not all. Some of the rides that have it really do not need it. It just depends on the capacity wanted for the ride, the type of ride, and the number of trains, as well as other factors.


2 thoughts on “The Purpose of a MCBR and Benefits/Downsides

  1. One of the reasons that I like Goliath (at Six Flags Over Georgia) so much is because it has no MCBR. I don’t know if there is another B&M Hyper that doesn’t have one. You really need to check out SFOG sometime. The park is pretty good.

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    1. I love roller coasters with no MCBR! Goliath as far as I’ve heard is one of the only one without it, which is a bonus! I really want to go to SFOG to ride Twisted Cyclone, Goliath, and all of the other coasters there!


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