Remembering Back to My Michigan’s Adventure Visit in 2014!

Michigan’s Adventure is a park that many people dislike due to it’s small variety of attractions. While this may turn away many guests, there are still people who visit it, and I have visited the park in 2014.

I did not think 7 roller coasters was too bad at one park, considering some parks outside of an amusement park chain, have less.

First off, before I start sharing my opinions: I do not remember exactly how each roller coaster I rode was. It may have changed, and in fact, it probably did. Actually, I would prefer if people who have ridden the coasters recently to comment about their experiences.

Shivering Timbers, I remember, being not too bad. I remember it having a little rattle and it being unstable during certain parts of the ride.

Thunderhawk, I remember the best, as being an extremely rough ride. It is not the worst of it’s type. With that being said, however, it is not a pleasant ride. Headbanging occurs lots, even when using techniques to reduce it.

From what I have heard is that the ride is even worse than a few years ago. If I visited or planned to potentially visit the park in the future, getting a good ride would be unprecedented.

As for the park itself, the roller coaster selection is okay. Is it the worst: No. Is it making an improvement: Absolutely not.

But consider that the revenue the park is already generating has a factor on when the parent company will invest into the park. Even with testing some small investment, growth is needed for the continuing of the processs.

The family attractions at the park are not too bad. A kids area should be formed much more than currently to house more kid attractions, but it is not too bad.

The water park is decent. It has a good selection of water rides, however, it needs a large renovation. This would be a good actionable step for an increase in annual guests coming to visit. An approach to, for example, Carolina Harbor or Cedar Point Shores, would benefit the park significantly.

The park’s food selection needs improvement. Comparing it to the other Cedar Fair parks, more sit-down restaurants are needed to accommodate large groups of people. It is also a preference to many, as it is more enjoyable that way.

A sit down restaurant is at the park but it is a buffet.

The park has a lot of improvements to make. Starting with food and the water park are great steps to ensure a smooth transition. Later, if more funding is given to the park due to an increase in revenue/guests, the park should add family rides. Eventually, the park needs a brand new roller coaster.

The roller coaster does not need to be big. A Hyper GTX coaster would be a great option for the park. Or perhaps, a smaller RMC coaster like Storm Chaser from Kentucky Kingdom, would be approachable.

If I did visit Michigan’s Adventure again in the future, improvements would have to be made. The park right now has a good foundation for everything but more small investments should be employed to bringing the park further. Unlike many amusement parks, normally Michigan’s Adventure is rarely discussed in the amusement industry. Like….. at all. That is saying something about the park.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share what I have conducted after visiting the park in 2014 and analyzing the park from events that took place since. This post shared the conclusions I gathered from it.

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4 thoughts on “Remembering Back to My Michigan’s Adventure Visit in 2014!

  1. Although I’ve never been to Michigan’s Adventure, it reminds me of a smaller park here in Georgia called Wild Adventures. I think Wild Adventures is a decent park that has lots of potential. Their flat rides are really quite good to be honest. They have the same problem with their coaster collection as Michigan’s Adventure though. Rough rides. Their woody, called Cheetah” is a very painful CCI and they also have three Vekoma coasters (a SLC, Boomerang, and a Junior Flying Coaster). They have another coaster that is brutal too, but I don’t know its manufacturer. Herschend Family Entertainment kind of looks the other way when it comes to Wild Adventures getting upgrades, sort of like the way Cedar Fair does with Michigan’s Adventure. It’s kind of sad because these parks could be so much better.

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    1. I completely agree with you. It is very sad for many small parks because they have so much potential, even up to a scale of larger parks, but their owner/chain does not invest in the park at all. I know for sure they would like to get more rides but they do not get funding at all. Other parks are always over them for any investment.


      1. One of the best things about you is that you always reply to my comments. I really do appreciate it. I made a mistake in my original post. I said that Wild Adventures had a Vekoma Junior Flying Coaster. Actually it is a Vekoma Junior Inverted Coaster. I’m sorry for my mistake. I wasn’t thinking when I first typed it I guess. Your original post really hit home with me. I’ve thought for years about “What if Herschend gave some of Dollywood and Silver Dollar City cash to Wild Adventures”. I know it’ll never happen, but if Cheetah was RMC’d and one of the Vekoma’s was replaced by a B&M, that could really put Wild Adventures on the map. I was hoping that one or both of Dragon Challenge would wind up at Wild Adventures when Universal announced that it would cease operations. Of course that didn’t happen but Dragon Challenge would have been much better than Twisted Typhoon (their SLC).

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        1. Thank you for the kind words! I always try my best to respond to everyone. And I was wondering if that was a mistake… Thank you for the clarification! I completely agree with your opinions on Wild Adventures! I think that RMC Cheetah actually would be great for the park! Dragon Challenge… that would have been awesome if it ended up there! It would have done great! Thanks for sharing all of this!


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