Coaster to Coaster Website Transformation for 2019!

I always love to change the design of my website to keep it looking fresh and appealing.

Originally, I had a design that I created at the end of 2017 and then in December, I changed it.

The design from December 2017 has been used ever since. While I liked the design, it has been on the website too long and there are additional things that I wanted to add to the website for 2019, that would not be purposeful with the design.

I created the new Coaster to Coaster website design. I spent around 8-9 hours on this, basically an entire workday. This design was quite challenging compared to the other ones I created.

The reason for that is because of some design changes. First, my website still has a background image. But I did not like the plain background image. I also did not like how blog posts Featured Image would not be visible on the Blog page. To solve this, these images appear blurred in the background with the text in front of it. This makes the website more appealing.

I also did not like the color blending of the blue and the white. It did not really match. The new design has a higher contrast with a light blue and black. The two look very good right next to each other.

I also added a Post Archive to the website so users can easily click on a specific month and view all of the posts from that time period.

I added easier navigation with a menu that already shows sub-pages under the main pages. The old menu was below the website title, which I did not like. It blocks things from the page. Now you click “Menu” and it expands. I was not a fan of how I made the logo very large with the site name below it. While when I created it, I liked it, I do not anymore. With the new menu, I was able to add a Search bar under the menu if needed for visitors.

I also changed lots of descriptions and details. I changed the Homepage description to lead into reading the About page. Before, the home description gave all of the information about Coaster to Coaster, but in short form. There was really no reason to go read off of that page. I changed that by making the description lead into a Learn More button below it to open more information.

I also got requests to add a Contact box and Social icons in multiple areas of my website. It is very logical as it gives people more places and opportunities to not miss seeing it.

There was no description of Haunt to Haunt on the actual homepage, which really it needed to be on there.

I also changed descriptions to be a better representation of Coaster to Coaster — some haven’t been edited in almost 2 years! I updated the Terms of Use, which now will have a date where it will go into effect, to allow people to review it.

I have a new policy where your agreement to the policy expires 90 days after the new one goes into effect if you did not review it after the day it was last updated. For this change, you do not need to review anything but read the information before the actual agreement – that is the major change made!

I also edited the Contact page – which wasn’t to the point. I added the options and what to use them for, as well as which methods are the fastest and when you can expect a reply. I also needed to make stricter guidelines for business inquiries – I had been getting inquiries with information that is not complete; which under my Terms of Use, makes consideration void, under any circumstance.

I am super excited about the new design and content! It really represents Coaster to Coaster well!

I was in need of some construction work, too!


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