Top 10 Anticipated Roller Coasters for 2019!

Many new amazing roller coasters will be opening in 2019! Lots of them look to be unbelievable, while others look mediocre.

While this is a controversial thing to be giving a list for the Top 10 Most Anticipated Roller Coasters, I will be doing just that.

Number 10

Batman the Ride

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This ride is among many 4D Spinning coasters in the United States. It is a little longer than most other models. There are at least 6 head-over-heels inversions on the ride. It is an I-Box, like almost all of the other models. It is 120 feet tall and will feature a 90-degree lift hill.

It looks to be a really cool ride, but there is tough competition ahead of it, so it does not get a high spot on the list.

Number 9

Name Unknown

American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe

While very few details have been released and it is almost 2019 (as of when this blog post was published), what has already been released about the Spinning Coaster is very enticing.

The coaster will be the world’s tallest and longest free-spinning coaster. It will be inter-winded with the Euro-Fighter record-breaking coaster opening the same year.

It looks to be a really good ride, but not the best – and definitely not better than the Euro-Fighter coaster.

Number 8

Dragon Flier


Dollywood will be adding a Vekoma Family Suspending roller coaster. It will be 63 feet and reach a top speed of 47 miles per hour.

This ride will be added to the Wildwood Grove new area of the park.

The coaster looks to have potential and be a great decision for Dollywood!

Number 7

Yukon Striker

Canada’s Wonderland

Yukon Striker looks to be a really great Dive coaster! Many Dive coasters are boring because they just have the drop which sometimes is even mediocre and then elements that are the same on everyone.

Yukon Striker is a very strange name, I do not think fits the ride well. Some unique elements are shared on the ride. It will be the tallest, fastest, and longest Dive coaster in the world. It will share the height record with Valravn at Cedar Point, which happens to be 223 feet for both rides.

Number 6

Copperhead Strike


Carowinds will be receiving a Mack Multi-Launch coaster. The ride seems awesome, but I do not think it will be in the Top 3 at Carowinds. If it is, it will be at Number 3. Afterburn currently holds my Number 2 spot and Fury 325 at Number 1.

It looks to be not very forceful and to drag on.

The barrel roll at the beginning of the ride into the Granny Jam building looks cool. The launch looks awesome but is only 42 miles per hour. The other launch brings the speed to 50 miles per hour, which is still not that fast.

It looks to be a good ride, but I doubt it will have as much success as Maverick did, a coaster comparable.

Number 5

Name Unknown

American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe

American Dream’s Nickelodeon Universe will be receiving 2 roller coasters in 2019. The Spinning Coaster is placed at Number 9 on this list.

The Euro-Fighter coaster looks to be really good! It will have the steepest drop on any roller coaster in the world, beating Takabisha!

It looks to have a high amount of potential and to be a crowd pleaser, drawing in tons of riders and revenue.

Number 4

West Coast Racers

Six Flags Magic Mountain

West Coast Racers is a launched racing roller coaster coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain! It looks to be absolutely amazing!

The ride is designed to be a race between both sides and will be near each other during the ride. Fans are excited because unlike Twisted Colossus, another racing roller coaster at the park, it will run together with the other side.

The ride is basically two full circuits, extreme intense high-banked turns, and over/under near misses.

The ride looks amazing! The elements look great and the ride looks to be very promising!

Number 3

Harry Potter

Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure

Intamin will be manufacturing a roller coaster to replace Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure.

The roller coaster will have heavy theming and is designed to focus on taking riders into a different corner of the wizarding world.

It looks so very good. Theming can make a roller coaster amazing, even if the elements and ride itself is not amazing!

That is the reason for the high spot on this list. It must be an amazing ride to satisfy riders after Dragon Challenge closed, even though it wasn’t dueling for a while before it closed.

Number 2

Steel Curtain


Kennywood will be receiving a record-breaking roller coaster built by S&S Sansei Technologies! It will be a steel roller coaster themed to the Steelers with track and trains that resemble the theme. The ride will feature 9 inversions, breaking the past record of 7 held by many different parks across the park. The record is referring to just United States coasters.

It will be located in Steelers Country, a new area of the park dedicated to the celebration of the successes of players from the Steelers team.

It will be 220 feet with a top speed of 75 miles per hour. It will last a total duration of 2 minutes.

It will feature many unique elements and inversions, even some airtime moments too!

Number 1

Maxx Force

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America will be adding a record-breaking roller coaster, Maxx Force!

This roller coaster looks absolutely insane!

It will feature a launch of 78 miles per hour in 2 seconds! It will also have the fastest inversion on any coaster and includes a double-inversion!

The speed during most of the ride will be 60 miles per hour, to clarify. Some people have been getting them confused.

It will have 5 inversions! It looks amazing and will be a great addition to Six Flags Great America’s lineup!

2019 looks to be an amazing year for roller coasters! I am not sure if it will top 2018 because there were amazing new roller coasters, but it looks to be awesome!

Thank you for reading my list based on the Top 10 Anticipated Roller Coasters for 2019! Remember: I used my personal opinions as well as what I have heard from the community about the rides. That is how I determined the list. It was not based on all bias.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Anticipated Roller Coasters for 2019!

  1. I think I’m most excited about Copper Head Strike and Dragon Flier, only because they are fairly close and I will ride them next year. Maxx Force looks to be the best of the new batch to me though with Steel Curtain close behind.

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